Dream Big…Bye Bye Boxes Part 2


Join us this Sunday…our message…”Dream Big…Bye Bye Boxes part 2…taking manifestation to the next level…we feature the talented songstress Anna Gibson for spiritual expression…Service begins at 11 AM.  Keys to Conscious Living begins at 10 AM…we study “The Tao.”  Golden Child is available to all children ages 2-15 and facilitated Nicole West and Carson Traylor.  Our doors are open with LOVE.


Authentic Expressions THIS Sunday


There are so many talented and creative souls in our spiritual community.   We host “Authentic Expressions” quarterly at Living Spirit…this service is extra special because members of our community perform spiritual expression and it is ALWAYS a treat.  The theme…Dream Big.  Our featured artists: Caroline Mcgraw (writer, talented speaker), David Prejeant (gifted improvisational speaker), David Walton (original song), Camille Bennett (spoken word).  Keys to Conscious Living is from 10-11 AM… we study… The Tao.  Service begins at 11 am.  Our doors are open with LOVE!

Power of Relationships

affirmations-relationshipsHow did I attract him?!  Why am I working with people who have nothing in common with me?  How can understanding my relationships empower my existence?  Come to the Celebration Service at Living Spirt, Sunday, February 1, 11:00AM to hear the message, The Power of Relationships.  Keys to Conscious Living takes place 10-11:00AM, where we are currently studying The Tao.  Join us.

Our doors are always open, with love.

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Vicki Goldston

Let it go…with your hair flying back!

let it go

Last week in the circle we dared to Dream Big…this week’s message will give us practical applications on how to remove blocks from our consciousness and MANIFESTour visions of abundance, peace and joy!  Golden child is available to children ages 2-13.  Our new children’s director Nicole West is excited to embark on her journey with our precious children.  Keys to Conscious Living is from 10 – 11 am …we study The Tao…Service begins promptly at 11 AM.  Our doors are open with LOVE!!!!

The Circle: Dream Big

dream 2

What is “The Circle?”  It is our monthly feature…during our interactive service we sit in a circle… each person has 1-2 minutes to express what the topic means to them from a spiritual and mystical perspective.  It is an amazing opportunity to express yourself AND actively listen to others.  God speaks through us all and we all have a voice! Come  share this powerful experience this Sunday.  Service begins at 11 AM.  Keys to Conscious Living… our book study is from 10 – 11…we study The Tao.  Golden Child our children’s service is available to children ages 2-13…Nicole West and Carson Traylor will be facilitating the program.  Our doors are open with LOVE!!!!