Out of our heads…into our hearts

brain to heart

Our nation is shifting and our monkey minds are trying to keep up. Our emotions cause turbulence.. how do we flow?  I am teaching what I am learning… grateful for the space to share, channel and evolve.  Join us this Sunday… service begins at 11 am. Early risers… Keys to Conscious Living is at 10 am we study… “The Tao”.  Join us our doors are open with LOVE!!!!

The Stare Down

Facing-a-FearJoin us at Living Spirit for our Celebration Service, 11:00AM.  We are going in on facing our fears with trust, faith and divine assurance.  Also, we have Keys to Conscious Living, 10 – 11:00AM, where we are studying the Tao, by Lao Tzu.  We welcome you to our discussion group.  We have different translations from which we read.

Our doors are open, with love.


Minister Camille Bennett

Healing Peace


How  do we come to it, this place where the frequency is so high that we reach enlightenment?  Let’s talk about it at Living Spirit Church, Sunday, 11:00AM, at the Celebration Service.  Keys to Conscious Living, now studying the Tao, takes place at 10:00-11:00AM.


Living Spirit Church: Centering in Oneness

Our doors are open, with love.



“God grant me the serenity to change the things I can” …. this week we peel back the layers of fear and doubt and explore… courage … we are embracing our ability to surrender everything that does not serve us.  Courage is often the fuel and nourishment that allows us to take a look at all we are afraid of…and consciously… surrender. Keys to Conscious Living is from 10-11 we study…the Tao.  Service starts at 11.  Our doors are open with LOVE.



rogers-paradox-478x500We’re here in the high frequency of compassion and love — Acceptance.  We celebrate each moment of this Truth at our Celebration Service, 11:00AM at Living Spirit Church.  Please join us.  Remember, we study The Tao, by Lao Tsu, 10-11:00AM, in Keys to Conscious Living.

Our doors are open, with love,

Living Spirit Church: Centering in Oneness