This Sunday we end our series inspired by “The Divine Law of Compensation” by Marianne Williamson. In the final chapter we take a closer look at MIRACLES…how they CAN manifest in our life…how WE foster the environment to support them! Connection with God, the Universe and love…that is all we need! Spiritual expression will be hosted by The Valley Root’s lead singer/talented powerhouse Brittany Faith Letsinger. Keys to Conscious Living is at 9:15 AM …we continue our thought provoking study of Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth…Our Doors are open with LOVE!!!!!

Manifestation through purity of heart


Let me live in a wholly holy way!!! We sing this powerful chant on Sundays and raise the frequency…It simply means we desire a way of life that supports LOVE … God is love. Purity is the essence of who we really are…so we set the intention to GO there knowing that through grace we are pure, holy and annointed…Keys to Conscious Living 9:15 to 10:15 AM we study A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Service begins at 10:30 am…our guitar playing/rapper/free-spirit Joshua Gwin will be jamming this Sunday! Our doors are open with LOVE!

Power Up: The Art of Meditation

meditation 9-6-13 (2)

Meditation is such a gift! We are able to open our minds and connect with God by tapping into our own inner space. This week our Sunday service will take a different twist as we explore creative forms of meditation…Marquetta Newell, Laquanda Simpson, Minister V and Minister Mimi will be sharing their favorite practices and inviting you to join in…Keys to Conscious Living is from 9:15 to 10:15 am we are studying Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth. “The hummingbird” David Walton will be hosting spiritual expression…Our doors are open with LOVE!!!!