The Rose

a_thorny_rose_by_lifebug-d3bzaa7In our series on Surrendering, what does Palm Sunday hold for us?  Join our Celebration Service at Living Spirit, 10:30AM.  The message gives us the choice to “ride or die” into conscious living, choosing the seed of insurrection or the thorny rose.  (It ain’t what you think).  Come see.

Our doors are open, with love.

Living Spirt 2010-08-22 at 09-55-52

Vicki Goldston

Surrender: Releasing Apathy


Let’s continue our ride into the arms of surrender…a sweet release, a gentle flow, a faint whisper of divine intelligence that guides our way.  Service begins at 11 am.  Keys to Conscious Living is at 10 am we study “The Tao.” Our doors are open with LOVE.

Surrender: Allowing our emotions to be

surrender emotions

I am wide eyed, curious and empty open to being filled with the gift of surrender.  This series is all about the flow…that effortless energy that is available at all times.  I am teaching all that I need to learn…as we learn “Surrender: Allowing Our Emotions to Be”  this Sunday at Living Spirit.  Service begins at 11 am.  Keys to Conscious Living is from 10-11 AM we study “The Tao.”  Our doors are open with LOVE.