“God grant me the serenity to change the things I can” …. this week we peel back the layers of fear and doubt and explore… courage … we are embracing our ability to surrender everything that does not serve us.  Courage is often the fuel and nourishment that allows us to take a look at all we are afraid of…and consciously… surrender. Keys to Conscious Living is from 10-11 we study…the Tao.  Service starts at 11.  Our doors are open with LOVE.



rogers-paradox-478x500We’re here in the high frequency of compassion and love — Acceptance.  We celebrate each moment of this Truth at our Celebration Service, 11:00AM at Living Spirit Church.  Please join us.  Remember, we study The Tao, by Lao Tsu, 10-11:00AM, in Keys to Conscious Living.

Our doors are open, with love,

Living Spirit Church: Centering in Oneness

Letting go: Pride


Join us this Sunday… the message: “Letting go: Pride”…we dive deeper into the gift of surrender.  I am teaching what I am still learning myself. What a journey it has been…practicing along the way. God is amazing!  Service begins at 11 am. Keys to Conscious Living is from 10-11 am…we study “The Tao.”  Our doors are open with LOVE!!!!