Freedom Song

caged bird

This our last month of our “Surrender” series inspired by the book “Letting Go”  by  Dr. David Hawkins.  Reminding you and I that it is OK to let go, to feel everything… that even Jesus “wept”.  But ….why do we have to sort through all of this mind clutter and emotion?  One reason… so that we can SING, loud, strong and possibly off key…our freedom song! Join us this Sunday…service begins at 11 AM.  Early risers…Keys to Conscious Living is from 10 -11 AM…we study The Tao.  Our doors are open with LOVE!

The Journey is in the Spirit

path-through-forestWe know everything we do is spiritual, but in our surrendering process, we understand that recognition is the first step.  Come hear a story about coming full circle through recognition, in our Celebration, 11:00AM, at Living Spirit.  We are studying the Tao, by Lao Tzu, from 10-11AM.  No need for preparation.  Just jump in!

Our doors are open, with love.

Divine Intelligence

divine intelligence

Aaah spirituality…so many layers… so dense… so many faces of truth.  The last time I spoke…I taught about releasing our thoughts and operating from a place of pure LOVE. This week we observe the other side of the coin and explore how the conscious mind connects with the physical body and physical realm.  Service begins at 11:00 AM.  Early risers…Keys to Conscious Living is from 10-11 AM we study “The Tao”.  God is love…our doors are open with LOVE!!!!!