Perspective is the foundation for gratitude.  When there is turmoil, judgment, separation…where is LOVE? Some ask where is God? Can we refocus and see the world through lenses that allow gratitude?  Let’s talk about it…Service begins at 11 am.  Early risers? We study The Tao at 10 am.  Our doors are open with LOVE!

Rewritten…Change your story


We all have baggage…Some of our stories become comfort food that is difficult to digest and purge.  One of the secrets to happiness is having the courage to rewrite the stories that replay in our minds and heart.  The stories that tell us we are unworthy of true happiness, the stories that keep us in bondage.  Connection and oneness with God, the Universe, the source of happiness can provide the courage and confidence to CHANGE and REWRITE negative stories.  Let’s talk about it….

Join us this Sunday service begins at 11am.  Early risers?  Join our book study… The Tao from 10 am – 11 am.  Our doors are open with LOVE!