Bye Bye Boxes 2016


Just when we think we are outside the box…there’s another box we need to climb out of. We feel safe, comfy and in control inside the walls we created.  Then one day out of nowhere…the Holy Spirit gives us the spiritual smack down and forces us out… we are wildly uncomfortable…a good sign that we are headed in the right direction.  That’s the power of love… Join us for service this Sunday at 11am…the message “Bye Bye Boxes 2016” Early risers? We study The Tao at 10 am…Our doors are open with LOVE!

The Burning Bowl

Join us Sunday, January 3, 11:00AM, for the Living Spirit Burning Bowl Ceremony.   This ceremony is transformative, allowing us to let go of resentments, grudges, hurt, anger, all feelings that continue to attach us to FEAR.

Keys to Conscious Living takes place at 10:00AM before the service.  Currently, we are studying the Tao, by Lao Tsu.  No books are necessary; just come as you are.

Our doors are open, with love!