Rebirth and Resilience

easter pics

Join us for our Easter Service! Service begins at 11 am… Potluck and Easter Egg Hunt directly following.  We study “The Tao” from 10 AM – 11 AM…Our doors are open with LOVE!!!!

Bye Bye Boxes: Releasing the Past


We have been examining our pretty little boxes for the past few months. My mentor and mother…Mama G used to play the gospel  song “Say yes!”  by Shekinah Glory.  The lyrics penetrate the soul… “there is more that I require of thee…will your heart and soul say yes!”  This song encompasses the heart of this series…coming to a place of acceptance…there are always boxes to emerge from. Sunday  morning at 11 am we will examine the box inside of all of us labeled….”the past”…join us!  We study the The Tao at 10 AM…Our doors are open with LOVE!


Bye Bye Boxes: From Separation to Oneness


“Love has the final say”…”all we need is love”…”God is love.” Words to stand on when the world around us seems polarized and emotionally charged…we find peace and truth in love.  Let’s talk about it…Join us this Sunday…Service begins at 11am.  Early riser? Join us for our weekly study of The Tao at 10 AM.  Our doors are open with LOVE!