Celebrate the Father


We are celebrating the dynamic energy of the Father within each of us at our Celebration Service, Sunday, 11:00AM.  Potluck follows the service.

We meet at 10:00AM to study The Tao, by Lao Tsu.  No need to bring a book.  We have them.  Just come into our doors, which are open, with love.

Happy Father’s Day!!

The Heart of Abundance


Abundance is our birthright.  The Christ came to spread the good news!  We are meant to live a life of abundance! Abundance beyond tangible possessions.How do we stay in the flow?  Let’s  talk about it…Service begins at 11 am.  Early risers… join us as we study “The Tao” at 10 am.  Our doors are open with LOVE!

Prosperity Code


Michael Beckwith, from Agape, defines prosperity as “the gift of knowing who you are.”  We are affirming that we are light workers, and our work is so much easier with energy that supports us.  Come to the Celebration Service at Living Spirit, 11:00AM, Sunday, to explore the Prosperity Code, with concepts from Sonja Mathis.

Keys to Conscious Living takes place at 10:00AM.  We are currently studying the Tao, by Lao Tsu.  No need to bring a book.

Our doors are open, with love.