Principles of Living Spirit Church

1) WE LIVE recognizing the omnipresence of God, the only power in our lives.

2) WE LIVE honoring our connection to each other through Christ presence, and we honor all paths to Truth.

3) WE LIVE, practicing prayer and meditation to remain open and aware of our inherent spiritual nature.

4) WE LIVE in the dominion of right thinking and right acting, understanding the intention of love as the foundation for all our needs.

5) WE LIVE in the knowing that GOD is the source of our supply for every facet of our self, and we accept our inheritance of peace, prosperity, happiness, transformation, and love.

6) WE LIVE, expressing the gifts of gratitude and forgiveness to sustain our spiritual growth and development.

7) WE LIVE knowing “love has the final word,” and we affirm we must “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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