Revelations: A Ministry Celebrating Transformation through Testimony

Joshua Gwinn is doing his Revelation, Sunday, July 24, 1:30PM after Potluck lunch.  Please join us!!!!!!!!


Joshua and Gabriel Sage

“Joshua is a Family man, Writer, musician and Yoga Teacher. Joshua specializes in helping people heal addictions, and re program the subconscious mind. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, and at


Chris, a “Traveler”What is Revelations?

What is Revelations?

Revelations: A Ministry Celebrating Transformation through Testimony is a service, which celebrates the expression of your personal spiritual journey – what was revealed to you through your life story. It is not a sermon or a lesson for or about others. It is an opportunity to share your own truth and the lessons you learned.

The format for Revelations is as follows:

  • The entire program is an hour long.*
  • The program always starts with your choice of an Invocation.
  • There will always be time set aside for the opportunity of giving. (Prosperity consciousness)
  • The program ends with a message of peace, e.g., The Peace Song.

You, the traveler, design the rest of the program/experience. You engage the music, speaker, poetry, and dance – whatever you want to share with us.

“Oh no!  I have to sing or dance?!”  If you have the talent and want to share it, use it.  If not, we have Resource People who can help you prepare your program, e.g., musicians, people who give good meditations, speakers, etc. Be creative, or keep it simple.  The idea is to share your journey.

Cindy, a “Traveler”

Who is Invited?

Revelations is a ministry recognizing all religions, faiths, races, nationalities, and cultures.  Our mission statement reads as follows:

Revelations: A Ministry Celebrating Spiritual Transformation through Testimony is an inclusive service, which  honors the connection of all beings and celebrates a spiritual journey.

We come to Revelations to share how we shed our old coats of limitations and how we are shifting into the consciousness of Truth.  We come to Revelations to honor, love, and accept ourselves as expressions of God.

*Time may vary with a special program.


‘Want to share your story?  Call Vicki Goldston (256) 335-2689

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