Living Spirit Children’s Program


Living Spirit Children’s Program

Golden Child

  Sundays, 10:45AM, at Living Spirit

Golden Child

Centered on young spirits with the potential to change the world, Golden Child is the most important program of Living Spirit Church, (LS). It is designed to cultivate all aspects of the Principles of LS, which foster living as a child of God.

Golden Child centers on teaching LS children to access their spiritual nature to practice and live lives of enlightenment. They will develop a sense of global awareness and love to become what Jesus taught and envisioned for humanity.  We accomplish this undertaking through teaching the following:

Golden Virtues: Love, patience, courage, strength, compassion, faith, wisdom, respect, kindness, tolerance

Gold Power: right thinking and speaking, blessing others, right action (being proactive,) abstinence, releasing,

Tools: Bible study, ancient wisdom study- prayers, meditation, verses, poems, songs, contemporary and classic drama, artwork, music, visualizations, affirmations, community outreach

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