Garden Spices Magazine

Garden Spices Magazine is the digital publication for Living Spirit:  Centered for Spiritual Oneness.

Tammy Rhodes, Pratik Mamtora, Vicki Goldston, Alex WhiteThe mission of Garden Spices Magazine is to explore and celebrate diversity through the lens of people of various ethnicity, beliefs, genders, physical and mental abilities in hopes of finding the core of understanding and realization that we are all part of a universal garden.

Our intention is to embrace the gift of diversity. What does it look, smell, and taste like, and how can we learn, respect it? We’re coming with minds and hearts wide open. Our voice is international.  We come from various cultures and perspectives, and we will explore our experiences, likes, and differences, with no stone unturned.  Garden Spices invites you to open the gate to a places beyond boundaries, to kaleidovision, which should resonate through the hearts of us all.



Published by Camp Goldston Publishing, LLC

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