Illusions and limitations poof be gone!


When limitations and false evidence appearing real comes a knocking…how do we KNOW we have the authority see past the illusion of  fear AND the ability to continue basking in the glory of LOVE?  Let’s talk about it!  Service begins at 11 am…Early risers join us as we study The Tao by Lao Tzu at 10 am.  Our doors are open with LOVE!


We have made the choice to be light workers, and with each action we check ourselves to stay in Truth.  We’re celebrating YOU at Living Spirit, Sunday, 11:00AM.

Come early, 10:00AM for Keys to Conscious Living.  We are studying The Tao, by Lao Tsu.  No need to bring a thing, but yourself.

Our doors are open, with love!!



The stone has been rolled away.  The demonstrations have been set, and the freedom of choice is ours!,  Join us  Sunday at Living Spirit, 11:00AM, for our Celebration Service, for the message, Choice:  Co-creating How Our Intention Can Change Everything.

Keys to Conscious Living meets before the service, 10-11:00AM.  We are studying the Tao, by Lao Tsu.  We have books; just come with an open mind.

Our doors are open, with love!