A Common Vision

common vision

Collective consciousness, sharing, empowering our fellow human, finding ways to agree…let’s talk about it.  Join us this Sunday…service starts at 11am.  Early risers join us as we study “Be S.A.F.E” by Vicki Goldston at 10 AM.  Our doors are open with LOVE!



Through the hurt, the doubt, the fear and devastation there is always always always HOPE! Lightworkers and peace warriors join us as we connect with the Most High! Service begins at 11 am. We study Be S.A.F.E written by our founder and Pastor Emeritues Vicki Basley Goldston at 10 AM.  Our doors are open with LOVE!




As light workers, our intuitions are at work.  We feel what needs to be healed, and mentally or physically, we set intentions to do the work.  How?  Please join us Sunday at Living Spirit’s Celebration Service, 11:00 AM, where we discuss Restoration.

Keys to Conscious Living takes place at 10:00AM.  We are studying the Tao by Lao Tsu.  Join us.

Our doors are open, with love.